Opus Restaurant, Birmingham

Opus Restaurant, Birmingham

I recently made the trip to Birmingham to carry out an interview for the podcast I do (it’s not about food, but rather broadly-defined change-makers). I figured that, since the interview was scheduled for the afternoon, I might as well see if I could dig out somewhere interesting to have lunch.

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Ivy Norwich
Photo: Ivy Norwich

The Ivy Norwich

I wouldn’t claim to be especially plugged in to the food scene in Norwich, but even I picked up the buzz that went around the city when the Ivy Norwich opened. 

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Adnams zero alcohol Ghost Ship

Adnams Zero Alcohol Ghost Ship

I’ve been a fan of Adnams for a decade and a half, pretty much since I moved into Suffolk back in 2001. First it was just because of the quality of the beer. 

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Tour around Flint Vineyard

A tour around Flint Vineyard

There is something quite hypnotic about someone who is so completely in love with his or her craft that, even when they are talking about it for the hundredth time, they still have the enthusiasm and freshness as though it was the first time ever.

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Morston Hall
Photo credit: Morston Hall

Morston Hall, Norfolk

Morston Hall is one of the only two Michelin Star restaurants in Norfolk, and as such is a natural target for the venue of a celebration meal.

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The Fox and Goose at Fressingfield
Photo: Fox and Goose

The Fox and Goose in Fressingfield

I remember the first time I visited the Fox and Goose, at least vaguely. It was shortly after I’d ended my 23-year stint of being vegetarian, and I had my first taste of venison there.

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The Spice Pioneer - Moroccan dish

The Spice Pioneer

I’ve been interested in mail order meal services for some time. In theory, if you want to eat well and you’re interested in wasting less, getting ingredients that have been exactly portioned for you is the way to go.

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