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Main course at Roux, Buenos Aires

Eating early in Buenos Aires

Twice a year in recent years I’ve spent a few days in Buenos Aires. I deliver lectures to Scandinavians in the morning (long story) and have the rest of the day free when I can do whatever I want - and obviously quite a bit of the time that means eat.

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Eating a Malva pudding cake

Malva pudding cakes

I’m a great believer in balance - and that means that there are times when you absolutely have something indulgent and startlingly calorific. 

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Creamy scrambled eggs

Creamiest scrambled eggs

How big a part food plays in your life is probably best defined by what default level you live at when you’re not deliberately out looking for “something special”.

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Baked lamb kibbeh with onions, pine nuts and tahini

Baked Lamb Kibbeh

The distinctive thing about Kibbeh is that the meat is pounded into a paste along with bulgur wheat and onion. 

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Cod with romesco and tomato salsa

A food tour of North Norfolk

It was one of those rare things that comes along - a British bank holiday with forecasts for some of the best weather of the year. So something had to be done.

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