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Florence, Italy

Eating in Tuscany

No recipes this week - I’m on holiday in Tuscany. You know, the kind of holiday where you spend two hours of every day doing work which, in this case, means writing food blogs and editing and producing podcasts. 

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Main course at Roux, Buenos Aires

Eating early in Buenos Aires

Twice a year in recent years I’ve spent a few days in Buenos Aires. I deliver lectures to Scandinavians in the morning (long story) and have the rest of the day free when I can do whatever I want - and obviously quite a bit of the time that means eat.

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Eating a Malva pudding cake

Malva pudding cakes

I’m a great believer in balance - and that means that there are times when you absolutely have something indulgent and startlingly calorific. 

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Creamy scrambled eggs

Creamiest scrambled eggs

How big a part food plays in your life is probably best defined by what default level you live at when you’re not deliberately out looking for “something special”.

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Baked lamb kibbeh with onions, pine nuts and tahini

Baked Lamb Kibbeh

The distinctive thing about Kibbeh is that the meat is pounded into a paste along with bulgur wheat and onion. 

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