Deliciously melting brie, bacon and apricot toasted sandwich

05 December 2017

Brie bacon and apricot toasted sandwich

Recently I’ve been dreaming of toasted sandwiches. Ones with rich oozing delicous cheese.

It’s definitely not a childhood memory kicking in. When I was a youngster, the only toasted sandwiches were done in a proper toastie maker, which would seal all the edges of the bread so nothing could ooze out, and would therefore require fillings were meagre enough to be well behaved.

For all that I’m perfectly well into portion control as part of the process of eating well but staying trim, it seems to me that a really good toasted sandwich is, well, a little on the generous side. Is that too counter-revolutionary a thought?

And none of these carefully controlled sandwich-machine jobbies. A good toasted sandwich now is buttered on the outside and toasted complete in the pan, long and slow enough that you get a golden exterior but fantastically melted cheese on the inside (if your cheese is resistant to melting, you can always open the sandwich up and finish it off under the grill - I’ve not had to do that yet though).

So I started looking around for some ideas for more indulgent toasted sandwich fillings. I didn’t have to look far - I loved this one from Yammie of Yammie’s Noshery for crispy bacon, brie and apricot preserve. Nice mix of flavours and textures in there, and plenty enough to make the sort of indulgence I was craving.

I put a couple together and they were sensational - and got rave reviews all round. Quite simply the nicest things that could happen to two pieces of bread.

Nothing complicated here. I cut some slices from a nice large granary loaf - choose your favourite bread. Spread butter generously on one side - smeared a good dollop of apricot preserve on the other, along with two or three slices of good quality bacon that you’ve fried gently until golden brown and crispy, and then top with a good layer of lovely ripe brie. Put the top of the sandwich on and then toast the whole thing in a pan on a medium heat - flipping the sandwich over when the one side is done - until it is fully golden brown and toasty and you have fantastic melty cheese. Serve this one with a drizzle of good quality balsamic vinegar and, if you're feeling motivated, garnish with some basil leaves.

I see more of these in my future. Oh, yes indeed.